How Non Delivery of Articles Causes Bad Faith

Articles can be referred to as a piece of writing, a write-up, story, feature or an account included with newspapers, magazines, or other publications. Articles also serve as content for online businesses such as websites, blogs, and other social media platforms.

In every profession, there are experts or specialists in every professional field. That is why some business owners employ the use of experts to grow their businesses – to give it that professional touch that will entice customers like bees to the honeysuckle of their businesses.

In this ever-growing Digital world, businesses have also not been left out of the Digital trend – as businesses have now resolved to take their businesses online, providing the best content online in order to target the right audience.

This then brings us to the issue of Articles. The success of an online business depends on its online contents that will keep visitors interested and keep them coming back.

This is where the professionals come in, not all business owners are good at creating fast, instant and best content or writing. They will need the professionals to do the job for them at an affordable price; hence, they will employ the use of best content providers that can deliver fast content and instant content.

However, non-delivery of Articles can cause bad faith in customers. But first, we need to know what Bad Faith mean.

Bad Faith can be defined in various ways depending on the context the phrase is being used. In this context, it could mean breach of agreement, faithlessness, inconstancy, as well as insincerity.

Bearing in mind that before a customer or a client approaches a patron or a content writer, the client must have seen what he wants – having good faith in that company that they can deliver a fast and instant content and probably with the hope that the company is one of the best content providers.

Howbeit, when a customer requests for an article within a stipulated period of time agreed by both parties and the company is unable to meet the customer’s needs – it will create an image of bad faith in the company. This may in turn affect the customer’s business, as he also is unable to meet customers need and may cause loss of customers or loss of interest in customers.

A customer may have a timetable of daily or weekly digest for its audience, which usually spike audience interest. When non delivery of articles occurs more than once, a customer’s audience expecting an interesting piece on at a particular time may seek an alternative and find it more interesting than that of the customer’s.

It’s been said that “punctuality is the soul of business”, it is the simple way to show courtesy and respect for customers and also to pass across the message that customers are important. The aim of the business is to satisfy customers.

When a customer is unable to satisfy the clients in his business or unable to meet up with customer’s expectation any longer, the business is affected and bound to decline.


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